Tania Hernandez

I got into teaching because I wanted to be a role model for children of color, especially young girls. When people ask me what inspired me to go down that path, I tell them about Ms. Harrison, my fifth grade teacher.

Barbara Quintero

Our children need teachers who care. Teachers who are going to push them.

Annette Strickland

I was able to make a difference because they were there to give me a chance to make that difference.

Thomaia Pamplin

Recording constituent's messages, passing them off to aides and correspondents, I realized that our opinions do matter. They do filter through. It might not feel easy at times, but we are...we are all connected.

Geoffrey Roy

I call myself a learner first and an educator second. To do this work well, you have to be constantly learning and getting better...As school leader, I know it is critical that our team of teachers and leaders model the commitment to learning we want to see in our students.

Julian Saavedra

We have to show our kids that we are in their corner. And we have to show them how ridiculously important education is.

Josué Coronado

Mr. Contreras helped me realize that I should never be ashamed of where I come from.

Susan Dunn

I strongly believe, even more than I did ten years ago, that KIPP is changing the life trajectories of its students.

Nathan Woods

This work is so important to me, because I know what’s out there. I know what my students are up against. I know what my students face when they walk outside of this building at the end of every day.

Mike Miles

It occurred to me that I was surrounded by 7th graders and that every single of one them had a plan. I realized, in that moment, that KIPP teachers did more than just teach. KIPP teachers were vision makers.