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In today’s society, opportunity is not granted on merit alone. In addition to graduating from high school, working hard in college, and preparing for careers, prestigious—and sometimes unpaid—internships are also essential to build resumes.

But if a student lacks access to professional networks, as many first-generation college students do, they miss out on valuable connections. And if students need to earn money for school or to help family, moving to another city to take a low-paid, career-launching internship becomes a luxury they simply cannot afford.

The result impacts all of us: Too few students who look like and share the experiences of KIPPsters find their way into positions of influence and power where their voices are needed the most.

The KIPP Capitol Hill Fellowship, which provides college students access to Capitol Hill internships, room, board, transportation, and a modest stipend, is working to change this. This summer, eight promising students with policy aspirations will intern on the Hill.

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The KIPP Foundation is fortunate to receive the support of philanthropic partners who have made, and continue to make, lives of choice and opportunity possible for children growing up in our communities.

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  • KIPP National Partner US Department of Education
    U.S. Department of Education
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    Rainwater Charitable Foundation
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    New Profit Inc.
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    Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
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    The Atlantic Philanthropies
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    The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
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    Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
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    Robertson Foundation
  • KIPP National Partner Walton Family Foundation
    The Walton Family Foundation
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    Doris & Donald Fisher Fund
  • KIPP National Partners Accenture
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • KIPP National Partner Thomas and Susan Dunn
    Thomas and Susan Dunn
  • Karsh Family Foundation
    Karsh Family Foundation

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