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KIPP Schools

KIPP schools are tuition-free, public charter schools open to all students. When parent demand exceeds enrollment capacity at a KIPP school, students are admitted based upon on a lottery.

Every KIPP school is approved to operate by a charter school authorizer—typically a district school board, university, or state department of education—that makes sure the school is living up to the commitments in its charter and complies with relevant federal, state, and local requirements. KIPP schools are primarily funded through public federal, state, and local dollars, along with supplemental funding through charitable donations from foundations and individuals.

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KIPP Regions

Each KIPP regional organization is a separate nonprofit that oversees its local KIPP schools and provides schools with shared services in areas such as alumni support, teacher training, leadership development, community outreach, operations, and data analysis. KIPP regional organizations are governed by a local board of directors, led by an executive director or superintendent, and often partner with neighboring schools and community-based organizations.

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KIPP Foundation

KIPP schools are part of a national network of schools that operate with support from the KIPP Foundation. The nonprofit KIPP Foundation trains and develops outstanding educators to lead KIPP schools; provides tools, resources and training for excellent teaching and learning; promotes innovation; and facilitates the exchange of insights and ideas both within the KIPP network and with partners including other public schools, non-profit organizations, and institutions of higher learning.

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KIPP Network

KIPP schools, KIPP regions, and the KIPP Foundation are united by a common mission, a commitment to excellence, and a belief in helping children develop the academic and character strengths they need to succeed in college, lead choice-filled lives, and build a better tomorrow for themselves, for their communities, for us all.