2022 National Alumni Summit

KIPP alumni from across the country gathered in Washington DC in July 2022. Check out the details!

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  • In this session, Selah Hampton had participants reflect on past experiences to understand their personal and professional strengths, and use these patterns to help curate a pathway towards their career goals.

    Session highlights

    “Something I learned recently about sailing is that going in these zig-zag motions, which are sometimes unexpected and uncanny and not what you set out to do, actually gets you to your endpoint faster. And that is something that I’ve really taken to heart…that in taking these twists and turns we’re actually getting closer to where we want to be faster than just forcing ourselves to go against the current.”

  • In this session, Larry Foundation and Breanna Christopher explored different approaches to creating change, comparing direct service, advocacy and broad-based organizing and exploring broad-based organizing as a bold response to the times we live in.

    Session highlights

    “With community organizing, you need a permanent structure and something people can belong to. Something that will outlast you. It isn’t about how do we give this service; it is about figuring out who has the power and making sure that those in power are doing what you want them to do.”

    “You can’t just protest. You need an ongoing vehicle. With community organizing, it is all about trying to pinpoint an issue and bring the solution.”


  • In this session, Andrew Baines, Jerelyn Rodriquez, Joél Ramirez, and Simone May, talked about why you should pursue a career in tech, coding and non-coding tech jobs, how to break into tech without a college degree, and more.

    Session highlights

    “I have seen so many pathways into tech careers and it is hardly linear. If you decide college is not for you there are trade schools, coding boot camps and nonprofits that are teaching code.”

    “It’s so important to connect with people in the tech industry who look like you but you need to be in those places with other types of people so you can work in those spaces.”


  • In this session with Jahi Davis, participants learned practical lessons on diagnosing operational issues within a newly established business, and identified strategies, activities, and best practices to improve business practices that can yield positive results.

    Session highlights

    “Poverty tells you to put your money in different places in case something happens to it. Wealth tells you to put money in the same place so it can grow faster.”

    “Choose the bank that gives you the best products for your business not your neighborhood bank. Look the bank that can grow with you not the bank that is closest to you.”


Small Business Pop Up Shop

Eight alumni-owned small businesses set up shop at the summit to showcase their products and services to fellow alums. Learn more about these entrepreneurs below, and check out the Alumni Business Directory for more alumni business owners.

  • The Loving Lash, LLC, Kayla Posley, KIPP St. Louis Alum

  • Good Day Scents Candle Co., Jeremy Brooks, KIPP DC Alum

  • Phwealthy, MarcAnthony Walker, KIPP Chicago Alum

  • Eshé Apparel. Co, Jessica Hinesman, KIPP Atlanta Alum

  • Cedric Dent, Jr, KIPP New Orleans Alum

  • AxV Beauty, Asata Evans, KIPP New Jersey Alum

  • Inspiring Experiences LLC, Alexis Russell, KIPP DC Alum

  • Finesse Clothing LLC, Zahir Miller, KIPP New Jersey Alum

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