Professional Development

At KIPP Public Schools, you never stop learning. Through on-the-job training and coaching, high-quality professional development, and rigorous leadership training, KIPP staff get the tools they need to be effective in their roles.

Development For All Levels

Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values. That’s why we provide training and support for a wide range of KIPP leaders, including teachers, assistant principals, founding school leaders, successor school leaders, and regional staff.

Featured Programs and Professional Development

For Teachers

With hands-on training, effective coaching, and quality resources, KIPP teachers receive the support they need to create excellent classrooms.

Teach at KIPP

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For Aspiring School Leaders

Outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by empowered leaders. KIPP provides aspiring school leaders with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their role through three programs: Fisher Fellowship, Successor Prep, and Principal in Residence.

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For All KIPP Public Schools Staff

Hundreds of talented staff members work outside the classroom to keep KIPP running. Leaders in key roles like operations, technology, and communications have access to year-round professional development opportunities to advance their skills. In addition to formal trainings, the KIPP Foundation and individual regions facilitate learning communities so staff across the country can share knowledge and collaborate.

Support Roles at KIPP

Professional Development Resources

Grow With Us!

We have bold goals. We need incredibly talented and passionate people to help us reach them. Teach eager minds, work in key support roles, or even lead a KIPP school.