At KIPP, you never stop learning.

Continuous Learning at KIPP

Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values. We believe there’s always room to learn, grow, and improve at each stage of your career. KIPP fosters on-going growth and development through job-embedded coaching, school and region-wide professional development, and national leadership training through the KIPP School Leadership Programs (KSLP).

Professional Development KIPP School Summit

For KIPP Teachers and Staff

KIPP School Summit (KSS) is the annual gathering of the KIPP Team and Family to learn and collaborate with our colleagues and partners from across the country. This network-wide event offers interactive training with high-quality instructors across a range of topics. In 2018, we will host meet-ups for various roles around the country rather than one large single gathering. In summer of 2019, KIPP School Summit will be hosted in Houston, Texas.

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Two teachers in a classroom learning from each other

For Teacher Leaders

KIPP Teacher Leaders are experienced teachers with great classroom results, have led a team, and are interested in broadening their impact through leadership. Teacher leaders continue to develop their pedagogical skills with support from Assistant Principals while also having the opportunity to coach other teachers or manage a grade level or department.

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Principal and student shake hands and smile in greeting

For Assistant Principals

KIPP Assistant Principals use their experience managing teams and academics to lead instruction and school culture. They support the development of teachers through observation and feedback, data-driven instruction, and reviewing student work. Assistant Principals are apprentices to School Leaders and are actively developed for school leadership through training such as the Leadership Team Program and the Miles Family Fellowship.

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KIPP NYC Leadership Coaching

For School Leaders

KIPP School Leaders are charged with setting and managing the academic and culture vision for their school. Our leaders also manage their leadership team and ensure that Assistant Principals are developing and growing. Most often, School Leaders take on the leadership of a KIPP school through two avenues--as the founding school leader after a Fisher Fellowship or through the Successor Prep Program when they join an already established KIPP school.

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Professional Development Resources

Grow With Us

We have bold goals. We need incredibly talented and passionate people to help us reach them. Teach eager minds, work in key support roles, or even lead a KIPP school.