Generra Rodriguez

Generra, a KIPP New Jersey alum, spends her free time creating art through acrylic painting, tattoo design, and anything that explores design.

Shelby Jean Michel

What keeps me in education is my students. They don’t get to quit, so I’m not going to either. It’s as simple as that for me.

Charles Taylor

Meet Charles, a KIPP alum, who is making his mark by sharing his journey as a first-generation college student with other KIPP students and alumni.

Ashley Conyers

It’s a hard job, but the fire is still there. There’s still joy to be found, there’s still hope to be found, there’s still a lot of love needed.

Eric Remlinger

I’ve learned so much from my students. They are, ultimately, always the best teachers.

Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson, KIPP Miami Public Schools parent, talks about why public charter school funding matters.

Erica Sanchez

I cannot leave the profession because I want to continue to make an impact.

Lindsay Miller

I always want my classroom to be affirming. When my students walk through the door, I want them to feel a sense of belonging.

Anthony, Ani, and Kris

Anthony, Ani, and Kris are three KIPP alums who’ve come together over a love of filmmaking, storytelling, and shared determination to succeed.

First Class: KIPP Goldberg Scholars

We caught up with a few KIPP alum to learn about their college experience in the program and what’s next as they move on to the next chapter of their lives.