Principal in Residence

The Principal in Residence program is a two-year residency that prepares rising leaders to open a new KIPP school or become a successor leader at an existing KIPP school. The program combines on-the-job learning, professional development, and mentorship and coaching opportunities to prepare participants to create and lead excellent schools.

The program consists of:

  • On-the-job learning: Each resident serves as a full-time member of the leadership team at a high-performing school. The residency school exposes residents to excellent school design and provides intensive on-the-ground development. Residents learn by observing their mentor school leader, executing responsibilities of the school leader role, and contributing to the overall vision of the school.
  • Planning and performance assessments: Residents follow a structured development plan that is mapped to critical school leadership skills. They are observed frequently and engage in regular performance assessments to demonstrate readiness to step into the school leader role.
  • Mentorship, coaching, and professional development: Throughout their journey, residents receive feedback and coaching from a mentor school leader and regional coach. They also receive regular professional development from KIPP leaders and outside experts to build their knowledge of effective instructional design and academic standards.