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With 255 schools and counting, hundreds of job opportunities exist each year to join the KIPP Team and Family.

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    Teachers at KIPP

    KIPP teachers create classrooms defined by high expectations and joy to engage and motivate students. Our teachers believe in every student's potential to succeed.

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Advice for Applicants

Let your love of learning and belief in all students shine through at every step of the application process.

Show Your Passion and Results

Think through questions you may have for the hiring manager. Interviews are just as much about you choosing us as us choosing you.

When describing your work, make sure you highlight results and accomplishments.

Find the Best Fit

Choose a role that aligns with your prior experience and future goals.

Define your expectations (start date, title, duties, location) and choose only jobs that match.

Consider multiple roles and geographic regions, if you can.

Check out the school's website and social media. Know their values, mission, and students, and be prepared to talk about them.

Prepare Ahead

Ask current and former supervisors to serve as references.

Gather samples of your work (i.e. student work, teaching videos, systems for using data, etc.).

Find out who you know who works at a KIPP school. Talk to them about their experiences.

Do your research! Read KIPP stories, watch videos, and review resources to learn as much as possible.

Pay Attention to the Details

Create your resume in an easy-to-open format (PDFs preferred) and keep it two pages or less.

For non-instructional roles, name cover letters with the appropriate title.

Proofread to make sure your application is specific to the role and KIPP region to which you are applying.

FAQs for Applicants

  • The application process for all jobs is handled locally by individual KIPP schools, regions, or by the KIPP Foundation, depending on the position. Visit the Apply Now section of our website and follow the instructions in the job posting. Or, use our School Directory to contact a KIPP school directly.

  • KIPP teachers are a diverse group, including experienced teachers who have worked in schools serving educationally underserved students, new teachers who are just beginning their careers, and career changers who are entering the classroom after succeeding in another profession.

    Across our network, more than 60 percent of our teachers are African American or Latinx, a quarter of our teachers have graduate degrees or higher, and a fifth are Teach For America alumni.

    KIPP school leaders have experience and backgrounds that are similar to our teachers, but they have typically spent a longer time in the classroom.

  • The primary requirement for teaching at a KIPP school is a simple one: that you share a belief to do whatever it takes to help each and every student develop the character and academic skills necessary for them to lead self-sufficient, successful, and happy lives.

    Additionally, KIPP schools comply with any applicable state and federal laws, and certification requirements for charter school teachers vary by state. While many KIPP schools look for candidates with at least two years of prior teaching experience, several schools offer programs designed specifically for new teachers. Visit our Teachers page to learn more.

    Each KIPP school is managed locally, and hiring decisions are made at the level of the individual school. For more information about the requirements to teach at a specific KIPP school, visit our School Directory to access an individual school’s website.

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    Please note: to be considered for a teaching position at a KIPP school, you must have legal authorization to work in the United States. You can contact the KIPP region you are interested in to find out if they will sponsor a work visa.

  • Our Assistant Principals lead instruction and school culture. They support the development of teachers through observation and feedback, data-driven instruction, and reviewing student work. Assistant Principals are apprentices to School Leaders and are actively developed for school leadership. This is a powerful way to make an impact at KIPP as a member of the leadership team and become deeply familiar with your school and KIPP.

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  • KIPP school leader candidates must possess the unyielding belief in every child’s potential to succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges, and in the competitive world beyond.

    Additionally, all candidates should have:

    • Instructional expertise in a K-12 classroom
    • At least two years of teaching and/or leadership experience in a low-income school with demonstrated exemplary student results (“low-income school” is a school in which over 50 percent of the student population qualifies for the federal free and reduced meals program)
    • A record of success in leading adults
    • The capacity to define a vision, build a team, and achieve results despite tremendous obstacles
    • Broad experience as an instructional leader to teachers of all subjects

    The KIPP Foundation recruits school leaders through two, year-long fellowship programs. For more information, visit Fisher Fellowship.

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  • Many opportunities exist to join KIPP as part of a national, regional, or school-based support team. Here are just a few roles that KIPP team members play to support excellence in KIPP schools:

    • National and regional experts in communications, technology, curriculum development, organizational management, and more
    • Counselors and mentors for KIPP Through College
    • School site social workers
    • Bus drivers and food service managers
    • Accountants, business managers, and human resources professionals

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  • We look for candidates that have both professional expertise as well as a belief and commitment to KIPP’s mission of helping every child succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond. Individual job opportunities and requirements vary by role and are specified in the job description.

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  • Continuous learning is one of KIPP’s core values and we believe there is always room to learn, grow, and improve at each stage of your KIPP career. That’s why we prioritize and invest in unparalleled professional development for all of our staff, from on-going coaching and school-wide trainings, to national conferences and retreats.

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  • If you have trouble submitting your application, please try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Use up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser; do not use Safari.
    • Do not apply from a tablet or mobile device. While our job board is mobile-friendly, the application is not fully functional on tablets (e.g. iPads) and phones.
    • Submit attachments as PDF files.
    • Answer ALL required questions. If a question does not apply to you, select “N/A” or “Opt Out”.
    • Look for a confirmation message. When you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming that your application was submitted. If you do not see this email, log back into KIPP Careers to confirm that it was submitted.

    If you have other technical questions about your application, email helpdesk@kipp.org and include a detailed description of your issue.  Screen shots are always helpful!

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The KIPP team is diverse, but one thing unites us: the belief that every child will succeed. Our team is crazy collaborative, super dedicated, and bursting with fresh energy. We’re looking for people with the spirit and commitment to teach and lead with joy.

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