Transformative Education Begins with You

The Fisher Fellowship is a highly-selective, one-year, cohort-based leadership program that is designed to provide in-depth support and insight into the processes and best practices involved in school leadership.

The Fisher Fellowship takes highly-effective leaders and prepares them to open a new KIPP school.

Our program utilizes evidenced-based practices rooted in the KIPP Leading for Learning Actions and in the KIPP Leadership Framework and Competencies that will prepare you to open the doors to a new KIPP school.

After one year, you will be able to set ambitious goals and to relentlessly plan and prioritize them. You will learn how to hire and retain the best of the best and to build your expertise in effective instructional design and academic standards. You will be able to demonstrate an understanding of self as a leader, your impact on others, and your overall leadership philosophy.

Expect to be challenged. Expect to be enriched. Expect to be transformed.

Unique to the Fisher Fellowship

As a Fisher Fellow you will complete four to five Residences and a School Launch Plan that will challenge, empower, and equip you to found, lead, and grow a new high-performing KIPP school.


The fellowship includes up to four residencies at KIPP schools outside the fellow’s region. Each three-day residency provides fellows with an opportunity to gain insight into the instructional, operational, and performance management practices of successful schools and school leaders. Additionally, fellows will take part in up to five week-long school and operational residencies in his/her own region.

School Launch Plan

Creation of a comprehensive plan that guides the founding and growth of the fellow’s new school.