Ashley Lamour

KIPP NYC Public Schools teacher Ashley Lamour shares what "Together, A Future Without Limits" means to her.

Erica Sanchez

The on-the-spot coaching was really important for me, and I feel like that's what made be a better teacher.

Shelby Jean Michel

What keeps me in education is my students. They don’t get to quit, so I’m not going to either. It’s as simple as that for me.

Ashley Conyers

It’s a hard job, but the fire is still there. There’s still joy to be found, there’s still hope to be found, there’s still a lot of love needed.

Eric Remlinger

I’ve learned so much from my students. They are, ultimately, always the best teachers.

Erica Sanchez

I cannot leave the profession because I want to continue to make an impact.

Lindsay Miller

I always want my classroom to be affirming. When my students walk through the door, I want them to feel a sense of belonging.

Tawheedah Abdullah

In my classroom, I feel best when I’m learning with and from my students. Across our school community, we have the best chance at success when we illuminate the thoughts and perspectives of our students.

Shakoor Woodson

My students are my driving force in this work, and I hope for them, I’m a daily reminder of what it looks like to use your voice and create change any way you know how.

Stephanie Beltrán

If you love kids and you're passionate about education, you thrive at a place like KIPP.