Emily Harrison

In a world with remote work, telehealth check-ins, and virtual classes, what could it look like to have personalized, remote advising for college students?

Paola Valdivia

Among the many things I appreciate about KIPP, I love that this organization is not only a place for young people to grow into great leaders, but also a place where staff like me can live out our passion every day at work.

Sarah Gomez

We try to help them find their sense of belonging, and as they search - either on a college campus or in a career- we help to navigate the labyrinth of obstacles that may trip them up.

Michelle Bruce

The people at KIPP are very, very committed to what we’ve set up to do. It’s rare to find a work environment where personal agendas don’t come into play constantly.

Marisela Martinez

The best way to describe my job? "The magic that happens behind the curtain.”