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Marisela Martinez

KIPP Staff Executive Assistant Marisela Martinez

“The magic that happens behind the curtain” is not a typical job description. But hearing Marisela Martinez describe her 12+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant with KIPP will make you feel some of the magic that first started this organization.

Marisela has been with KIPP since 2004 and has watched the network grow from 47 schools to a national network that educates thousands of students across the country. What’s made her stay all of these years comes back to two photographs: the original KIPP class back in Houston in 1994, and a snapshot of one of those students standing proudly at her college graduation. To Marisela, these images define KIPP’s impact not only in terms of growth and scale, but also the personal connection to our students. “She’s just like me,” Marisela reflects when she sees the photograph of KIPP Houston alumna Vanessa Ramirez. “A proud Latina who became the first in her family to graduate from college.”


Marisela’s loyalty to this work inspires us to keep learning and growing alongside her. As an Executive Assistant who’s supported the Office of the CEO and Foundation Board for 12 years and recently joined the Network Growth & Sustainability Team, Marisela works behind the scenes to ensure meetings come together seamlessly, teammates have time to connect, and events run smoothly. When she’s not making this coordination look easy, she’s cheering on the San Francisco Giants and plotting her future life as a farmer. Something tells us her patience and care will lend her some luck come harvest time.

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