KIPP Regions

Each regional organization is a separate nonprofit that oversees its local schools and provides shared services in areas such as alumni support, teacher training, leadership development, community outreach, operations, and data analysis. All regions are governed by a local board of directors, led by an executive director or superintendent, and often partner with neighboring schools and community based organizations.

Use the directory below to contact a KIPP region directly. For a list of all KIPP Forward Directors (formerly KIPP Through College Directors), click here.

Region & Location City, State Contact

KIPP Albany Community Public Schools

321 Northern Blvd
Albany, NY 12210

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Albany, NY

Ms. Stephanie Valle

Executive Director

Phone: 418-694-9494
Fax: 518-694-9411

KIPP Baltimore

4701 Greenspring Avenue
Room 115
Baltimore, MD 21209

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Baltimore, MD

Ms. Marsha Reeves

Executive Director

Phone: 410-367-0807
Fax: 410-367-5011

KIPP Charlotte Public Schools

931 Wilann Drive
Charlotte, NC 28215

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Charlotte, NC

Mr. Tim Saintsing

ED of KIPP North Carolina

Phone: 704-537-2044
Fax: 704-537-2855

KIPP Chicago Public Schools

2007 S. Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60608

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Chicago, IL

Ms. April Goble

Executive Director

Phone: 312-733-8108
Fax: 312-733-8163

KIPP Colorado Schools

1390 Lawrence Street, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80204

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Denver, CO

Ms. Tomi Amos


Phone: 303-934-3245
Fax: 720-570-2066

KIPP Columbus

2900 Inspire Drive
Columbus, OH 43224

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Columbus, OH

Ms. Hannah Powell

Executive Director

Phone: 614-263-6137
Fax: 614-263-6207

KIPP DC Public Schools

2600 Virginia Avenue NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20037

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Washington, DC

Ms. Susan Schaeffler

Executive Director

Phone: 202-223-4505
Fax: 202-333-3166

KIPP Delta Public Schools

415 Ohio Street
Helena, AR 72342

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Helena, AR

Ms. Megan Stitzinger

Interim Executive Director

Phone: 870-753-9035
Fax: 870-753-9440

KIPP ENC College Prep Public Schools

320 Pleasant Hill Road
Gaston, NC 27832

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Gaston, NC

Mr. Tim Saintsing

ED of KIPP North Carolina

Phone: 252-308-6932
Fax: 252-308-6936

KIPP Indy Public Schools

1740 East 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218

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Indianapolis, IN

Andy Seibert

Executive Director

Phone: 317-547-5477
Fax: 317-550-4163

KIPP Kansas City

2700 East 18th Street, Suite 155B
Kansas City, MO 64127

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Kansas City, MO

Ms. Jana Cooper

Executive Director

Phone: 816-241-3994
Fax: 816-241-3339

KIPP Massachusetts Public Charter Schools

90 High Rock St.
Lynn, MA 01902

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Lynn, MA

Ms. Nikki Barnes

Executive Director

Phone: 781-598-1609
Fax: 781-598-1639

KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools

2670 Union Avenue Extended
Suite 1100
Memphis, TN 38112

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Memphis, TN

Dr. Kendra Ferguson

Executive Director

Phone: 901-452-2682
Fax: 901-452-2753

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

1445 Maynard Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30331

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Atlanta, GA

Ms. Mini'imah Shaheed

Executive Director

Phone: 404-924-6310
Fax: 404-924-6315

KIPP Miami

6745 NW 23rd Avenue
Miami, FL 33147

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Miami, FL

Brett Kimmel

Executive Director KIPP Miami

Phone: 305.694.4162

KIPP Minnesota Public Schools

5034 N. Oliver Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55430

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Minneapolis, MN

Ms. Shana Ford

Executive Director

Phone: 612.287.9700
Fax: 612.287.9702

KIPP Nashville

123 Douglas Ave
Nashville, TN 37207

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Nashville, TN

Mr. Randy Dowell

Executive Director

Phone: 615-226-4484
Fax: 615-226-4401

KIPP New Jersey

60 Park Place
Suite 802
Newark, NJ 07102

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Newark, NJ

Mr. Ryan Hill

CEO KIPP New Jersey & KIPP Miami

Phone: 973-622-0905
Fax: 973-556-1238

KIPP New Orleans Schools

1307 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd
Suite 302
New Orleans, LA 70113

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New Orleans, LA

Ms. Rhonda Kalifey-Aluise

Executive Director

Phone: 504-373-6269
Fax: 504-322-3924

KIPP NYC Public Schools

1501 Broadway
Suite 1000
New York, NY 10036

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New York, NY

Mr. Jim Manly


Phone: 212-991-2610
Fax: 646-556-8950

KIPP OKC Public Schools

8400 N. Robinson Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

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Oklahoma City, OK

Mr. Darius Kirk

Executive Director

Phone: 405-849-9700
Fax: 405-849-9108

KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools

5070 Parkside Avenue
Suite 3500D, P.O. Box 41
Philadelphia, PA 19143

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Philadelphia, PA

Ms. Jessica Cunningham Akoto

Executive Director

Phone: 215-294-8596
Fax: 215-294-8707

KIPP Public Schools Jacksonville

1440 McDuff Avenue North
Jacksonville, FL 32254

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Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Jennifer Brown

Executive Director

Phone: 904-683-6643
Fax: 904-683-9895

KIPP Public Schools Northern California

1000 Broadway
Suite 460
Oakland, CA 94607

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Oakland, CA

Ms. Cherese Brauer

Executive Director

Phone: 510-465-5477
Fax: 510-465-5520

KIPP SoCal Public Schools

3601 E. First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063

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Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Angella Martinez

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 213-489-4461
Fax: 213-489-4471

KIPP St. Louis Public Schools

1310 Papin Street, Suite 203
St. Louis, MO 63113

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St. Louis, MO

Mr. Kelly Garrett

Executive Director

Phone: 314-349-1388
Fax: 314-776-2098

KIPP Texas Public Schools - Austin

8509 FM 969
Building 513
Austin, TX 78724

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Austin, TX

Mr. Justin Scott


Phone: 512-501-3643
Fax: 512-672-6228

KIPP Texas Public Schools - Dallas

1545 South Ewing Avenue
Dallas, TX 75216

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Dallas, TX

Dr. Anthony Smith

Regional Superintendent

Phone: 972-323-4200
Fax: 972-323-4201

KIPP Texas Public Schools - Houston

10711 KIPP Way
Houston, TX 77099

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Houston, TX

Mr. Dan Caesar

Regional Superintendent

Phone: 832-328-1051
Fax: 832-203-6365

KIPP Texas Public Schools - San Antonio

731 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78201-6348

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San Antonio, TX

Mr. Allen Smith

Regional Superintendent

Phone: 210-787-3197
Fax: 210-485-1393

KIPP Tulsa Public Charter Schools

1661 East Virgin Street
Tulsa, OK 74106-5552

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Tulsa, OK

Mr. Darius Kirk

Executive Director

Phone: 918-794-8652
Fax: 918-794-8712