Jaciel Castro

Jaciel Castro holds a Master of Finance degree in real estate development and investments from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is a graduate of The University of Houston-Downtown, with a Bachelor of Science degree in structural engineering technology and design (2011) and a Bachelor of Applied Arts in organizational development (2014) from Texas A&M University. He is also an engineer in training through the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

Jaciel spent 6 years at KIPP San Antonio overseeing projects such as community development, enrollment, recruitment, change management, and real estate. In his role, Jaciel planted schools, analyzed real estate opportunities, and managed enrollment to ensure children from educationally underserved communities had access to high-quality programs.

Jaciel and his wife are the founders of Community Preschools, a network of early childhood programs creating administrative capacity for childcare centers. They currently operate three high-quality childcare centers in the Houston area.

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