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Careers at KIPP: Be part of a national network that's leading the way in supporting students to and through college, and know your work makes an impact in the community every day.

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KIPP is hiring for a diverse team of dynamic, collaborative, and dedicated individuals with an unyielding belief that every child will succeed.

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  • Teachers
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  • Teachers

    Teaching at KIPP

    KIPP teachers create classrooms defined by high expectations because they believe in every student's unlimited potential. Alongside a committed team, KIPP teachers deliver tailored instruction to support student success into college and beyond.

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  • Leaders
    KIPP Delta School Leader and Parents

    Leading at KIPP

    Outstanding schools are built, led, and sustained by empowered leaders. Set the vision. Light the way. KIPP leaders are experts in teaching and instructional leadership.

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  • Support Roles
    KIPP NYC Counselor and College-bound Students

    Support Roles at KIPP

    The vast talent and skills of our support staff form the backbone of KIPP’s operational excellence. Make a difference in key roles like: business operations, leadership development, technology, social work, or transportation and food services.

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  • Foundation Roles
    KIPP Foundation KTC Director

    Foundation Roles at KIPP

    Fuel the growth and increase the impact of KIPP schools by working in a national role. The KIPP Foundation supports excellence, growth, and sustainability across the network, and leads network-wide efforts to innovate, share what we are learning, and advocate for a great public school system.

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Why build a career at KIPP?

Unparalleled professional development

Teammates united by one goal

Work that makes a difference

  • Students see how my journey might be similar to theirs. I try to lead by example. I try to show them what grit and optimism look like in real life.

    Leyla Bravo-Willey, Fisher Fellow, KIPP Miami Schools
  • A student's brain is like a sponge, and it is our duty as teachers to imprint a positive tattoo on that brain of: joy, curiosity, grit, and love.

    Jerald Wolff, Teacher, KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools
  • My principal said, "Create an engineering program. I believe in you." Years later, my kids are passionate about inventing. I feel lucky.

    Kyle Kenan, Teacher, KIPP Houston Public Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The application process for all jobs is handled locally by individual KIPP schools, regions, or by the KIPP Foundation, depending on the position. Visit the Apply Now section of our website and follow the instructions in the job posting. Or, use our School Directory to contact a KIPP school directly.

  • KIPP teachers are a diverse group, including experienced teachers who have worked in schools serving educationally underserved students, new teachers who are just beginning their careers, and career changers who are entering the classroom after succeeding in another profession.

    Across our network, more than 40 percent of our teachers are African American or Latino, a quarter of our teachers have graduate degrees or higher, and a fifth are Teach For America alumni.

    KIPP school leaders have experience and backgrounds that are similar to our teachers, but they have typically spent a longer time in the classroom. As of July 2016, nearly 80 percent of KIPP school leaders were former KIPP teachers and two thirds of our leaders held graduate’s degrees or higher.

  • The primary requirement for teaching at a KIPP school is a simple one: that you share a belief to do whatever it takes to help each and every student develop the character and academic skills necessary for them to lead self-sufficient, successful, and happy lives.

    Additionally, KIPP schools comply with any applicable state and federal laws, and certification requirements for charter school teachers vary by state. While many KIPP schools look for candidates with at least two years of prior teaching experience, several schools offer programs designed specifically for new teachers. Visit our Teachers page to learn more.

    Each KIPP school is managed locally, and hiring decisions are made at the level of the individual school. For more information about the requirements to teach at a specific KIPP school, visit our School Directory to access an individual school’s website.

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    Please note: to be considered for a teaching position at a KIPP school, you must have legal authorization to work in the United States. You can contact the KIPP region you are interested in to find out if they will sponsor a work visa.

  • Our Assistant Principals lead instruction and school culture. They support the development of teachers through observation and feedback, data-driven instruction, and reviewing student work. Assistant Principals are apprentices to School Leaders and are actively developed for school leadership through training such as the Leadership Team Program and the Miles Family Fellowship. This is a powerful way to make an impact at KIPP as a member of the leadership team and become deeply familiar with your school and KIPP.

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  • KIPP school leader candidates must possess the unyielding belief in every child’s potential to succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges, and in the competitive world beyond.

    Additionally, all candidates should have:

    • Instructional expertise in a K-12 classroom
    • At least two years of teaching and/or leadership experience in a low-income school with demonstrated exemplary student results (“low-income school” is a school in which over 50 percent of the student population qualifies for the federal free and reduced meals program)
    • A record of success in leading adults
    • The capacity to define a vision, build a team, and achieve results despite tremendous obstacles
    • Broad experience as an instructional leader to teachers of all subjects

    The KIPP Foundation recruits school leaders through two, year-long fellowship programs. For more information, visit Fisher Fellowship or Miles Family Fellowship.

  • Many opportunities exist to join KIPP as part of a national, regional, or school-based support team. Here are just a few roles that KIPP team members play to support excellence in KIPP schools:

    • National and regional experts in communications, technology, curriculum development, organizational management, and more
    • Counselors and mentors for KIPP Through College
    • School site social workers
    • Bus drivers and food service managers
    • Accountants, business managers, and human resources professionals

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  • We look for candidates that have both professional expertise as well as a belief and commitment to KIPP’s mission of helping every child succeed in top-quality high schools, colleges, and the competitive world beyond. Individual job opportunities and requirements vary by role and are specified in the job description.

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