Together for Justice:

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Turning Words into Actions

There is still much more work to be done to eliminate any practice at KIPP that furthers systemic racism, anti-Blackness, and inequities experienced by our students, alumni, families, teachers, and staff. Below are six action steps we are taking to move this work forward.

  1. We are retiring “Work hard. Be nice.” as KIPP’s national slogan; it ignores the significant effort required to dismantle systemic racism, places value on being compliant and submissive, supports the illusion of meritocracy, and does not align with our vision of students being free to create the future they want. Learn more about this decision here.
  2. We are distributing mental health and healing grants to support regions as they address disproportionate effects of COVID-19 and healing from racial trauma. While these funds will surely not address the enormity of what communities are facing, we hope the support furthers the work on that path.
  3. We are committing to the review and elimination of inequitable discipline practices in all our schools.
  4. KIPP Foundation staff will work with every region to begin to identify a leader, either a Senior Equity Officer or another staff person, for their anti-racism and equity work.
  5. We are committing to the re-assessment of our security practices in all regions, including eliminating the presence of police in our schools wherever possible and ensuring that we are utilizing restorative practices as a solve for conflict.
  6. Moving forward, we want employee offer letters to include language that requires a commitment to anti-racism as a condition of employment because everyone who works at KIPP must be committed to anti-racism in their beliefs and in their behavior.

Social Justice and Equity Teaching

In order to create an environment in which diversity, equity, and inclusion are internalized by all team members, we equip KIPP teachers and staff with social justice and equity resources that help children understand and leverage their own power for social change.

To view lessons, activities, and teacher development resources, visit our teachers’ page.

Resources and Voices from KIPP Regions

Find resources, thoughts, and action steps on racial equity and justice shared by KIPP Regions.   

Literature for Racial Justice Learning

Recommended books for talking to kids about race, racism, and identity, co-written by KIPP NYC Public Schools alumna Gianna Baez.

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Letters for Justice

Tenth grade students from KIPP Texas Public Schools created a letter writing campaign to share their personal experiences with elected officials.

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Together for Justice

Materials curated by KIPP SoCal Public Schools to help you carve out your path to social justice and equitable opportunity.

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For White Teachers of Black Children

Thoughts by Mark Joseph, a math teacher at KIPP Rise Academy.

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Racial Justice and Equity News and Updates

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