Barbara Quintero

Our children need teachers who care. Teachers who are going to push them.

Julian Saavedra

We have to show our kids that we are in their corner. And we have to show them how ridiculously important education is.

Nathan Woods

This work is so important to me, because I know what’s out there. I know what my students are up against. I know what my students face when they walk outside of this building at the end of every day.

Jay Guzman

Before Mr. Harris left, he looked me in the eye and said, “Jay. Don’t mess this up.” I didn’t. I graduated on the dean’s list.

Kyle Kenan

There have been so many great moments at KIPP.

Charles King

As teachers, we have the unique opportunity to help our kids understand that they are in charge of their identity.

Joseph Whitfield

Now it’s my turn to help people younger than me. Helena, Arkansas is home. And home is a place worth investing in.

Alexis Ivey

Instead of entering juveniles into the criminal justice system, I’m trying to keep them out.