Joseph Whitfield

Now it’s my turn to help people younger than me. Helena, Arkansas is home. And home is a place worth investing in.

Alexis Ivey

Instead of entering juveniles into the criminal justice system, I’m trying to keep them out.

Deborah Riley

I just wanted to be a part of what my son was a part of. And I stayed because it felt like family.

Cynthia Ledesma

The teacher – I don’t know if I can say this without crying! – she just gets my daughter.

Brittany Ballentine

When I’m dancing, I forget about any problems occurring in the world. It allows me to be free.

Jennifer Gonzalez

I LOVE science...I guess I’m a really big nerd. That’s good, right?

Leslie Mendoza

I still dream in Spanish. But English isn't scary anymore.

Michelle Bruce

The people at KIPP are very, very committed to what we’ve set up to do. It’s rare to find a work environment where personal agendas don’t come into play constantly.

Marisela Martinez

The best way to describe my job? "The magic that happens behind the curtain.”