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Cynthia Ledesma

KIPP Parents Cynthia Ledesma and Jessica Oelrich

You can feel the energy of this place the moment you walk in. It is tangible.

There is a reason my daughter goes here. And her teacher, what can I say? On the first day of school, I received a text from her. A photo of what they were doing. I thought, “Oh, how nice, it’s her new teacher showing me that my daughter is doing OK on her first day.”

But the texts kept coming.

At least once a week I get a glimpse into the education of my child. The teacher—I don’t know if I can say this without crying—she just gets my daughter. My daughter is an introvert. And almost immediately the teacher honed in and figured out what made her tick.

And now my daughter is coming out of her shell and growing into herself because of that relationship.

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