Leadership Development

KIPP Public Schools prepares leaders to found and lead high-performing KIPP schools.

Leading at KIPP

We envision a KIPP where all students experience a joyful, academically excellent, and identity-affirming education in schools led by thriving educators. Central to this vision is a transformational principal who develops an effective leadership team and ensures each classroom is led by an excellent teacher.

Thriving, in KIPP’s context, is characterized by growth and development, successful progression towards and realization of goals, and opportunities to flourish and leverage strengths in the work. KIPP Leaders thrive when working in trusting partnership and community.

KIPP's Leadership Development Model

KIPP’s leadership model is rooted in the 70-20-10 framework (70% experiences, 20% relationships, and 10% coursework and training) and equitable talent practices that ensure strong, anti-racist leadership development across our network.

Leadership Competency Model

KIPP’s Leadership Competency Model describes what it means to be an effective leader in support of our mission and vision. The model supports us in preparing KIPP leaders to drive consistently high student outcomes, retain and develop talent, and create an environment for students, staff, and themselves to thrive.   

Equitable Selection & Hiring Practices

Research shows that representation of Black and Latinx teachers and leaders positively impacts student outcomes, student satisfaction, and teacher retention. So at KIPP, we work to attract, develop, and retain diverse principals. Our hiring process includes structured interviews, diverse interview panels, and an emphasis on combatting bias throughout our selection process.

In-role support via our Development & Management Cycle

The greatest development happens when leaders receive coaching that supports their day-to-day work.  Our development and management cycle ensures that leaders receive consistent and high-quality feedback, coaching, and professional development, and that together with their manager, they are clear on role expectations and goals.

Leadership Development in Action

In addition to high-quality support and development in role, KIPP provides leaders with formal professional development and transparent pathways for growth.

  • Principal-in-Residence: The Principal in Residence (PIR) program is a transformative two-year journey that prepares aspiring principals with the adaptive, technical, and managerial skills needed to lead a KIPP school. PIRs practice and refine the essential skills and competencies required to lead high-performing schools, all under the mentorship of an experienced principal.
  • Leadership Coaching: Leaders across all KIPP schools and regions can partner with a Leadership Coach from the KIPP Foundation each school year. In coaching, a leader will learn to leverage their own strengths as well as others; unpack and affirm their identities; challenge their beliefs and patterns; develop their awareness and skills; and grow their agency and confidence to lead as their full, authentic selves.
  • New Principal & New Principal Manager Cohorts: Research shows that a principal’s impact on student outcomes is second only to that of a teacher. So, all new KIPP principals and new principal managers participate in 18-month leadership cohorts that cultivate the knowledge, skills, and equity mindsets necessary to drive student outcomes.

Meet KIPP Leaders

Lead at KIPP

The application process for leaders is managed locally by individual KIPP Regions. If you’re interested in leadership at KIPP, visit our job board to find opportunities.