Allison Willis-Holley

When you see this event, it’s almost’s almost like you have to remind yourself that the whole night has been about academics and the character that got them across the finish line.

Nikki Barnes

Everyday I pursue learning as if my life depends on it, because it does.

Pete Gooden

She was just so happy. And she shot out of line, gave me a huge hug, and ran back on stage to receive her diploma. I just wrote her a recommendation, actually. She started graduate school this past January.

Sarah Gomez

We try to help them find their sense of belonging, and as they search - either on a college campus or in a career- we help to navigate the labyrinth of obstacles that may trip them up.

Jay Guzman

Before Mr. Harris left, he looked me in the eye and said, “Jay. Don’t mess this up.” I didn’t. I graduated on the dean’s list.

Kyle Kenan

There have been so many great moments at KIPP.

Michael Horne

My mom and I used to walk 2.4 miles every Saturday to get to and from our library.

Murtada Mahmood

I lived in countries of war...but these things, these things in my past, they are not a barrier for me—they are me.

Charles King

As teachers, we have the unique opportunity to help our kids understand that they are in charge of their identity.

Tafshier Cosby

Parent voices are so important. We are our children’s first teachers.