Jessica Cunningham Akoto

That process -- of searching, of exploring, of finding the right educational fit -- left an impact that still affects me to this day. I learned how powerful really good parents were.

Rashaand Sass

I am in this work for kids, first and foremost. What we are trying to do doesn’t work unless we have their trust.

Justin Parmann

“At KIPP, I know that they truly care about my kid.”

Dr. Michael Lomax

KIPP schools are intensely and unapologetically academic. It gives students the building blocks – math, reading, arts, music, and the higher order thinking skills of analyzing and deconstructing and reconstructing – that prepare students for a wonderful life and future.

Thelma Reed

We started with two buses and two routes. So now we have 19 routes, 29 buses.

Nicole Franklin

“For anyone that would come to KIPP, they should soon see that it’s like a family environment.”

Megan Franco

How are we able to help kids be citizens for change?


That year of applying to schools was one of the hardest times of my life. But there were good moments, too: people or experiences that pushed me into an unexpected place of clarity.

Jondré Pryor

I wanted to make sure black and brown children were able to have the opportunities any other child was afforded.

Jessica Allen

“I love seeing that there are people of color that are teaching people of color.”