WWE wrestler surprises students at KIPP AMP Middle School

ByNews 12 Staff

WWE superstar Sasha Banks surprised kids at KIPP AMP Middle School in Brooklyn on Friday.

Students at the school started a wrestling club that consist of 35 students. The students review matches from WWE Raw and Smackdown during lunch and recess – and they say Sasha Banks is one of their favorite stars.

Banks heard about the wrestling club through a tweet and retweeted the video saying ‘What period is this? I gotta come to this school!’

“Man, I was just so inspired by the school. I got tweeted this video a couple months ago. So, I had to stop by the KIPP Elementary School to see my man Mr. Perry. I stopped by his classroom. It was just so unbelievable to feel the energy of these kids to have a wrestling club about wrestling,” said Banks.

Banks says she wished she had a club like this when she was in school.