Our next Education secretary must support all public schools — including charters

ByLorén Cox

As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office, one of the big questions is whom he will name as the new secretary of Education. There’s no question that his pick must renew our country’s focus on supporting public schools. But this has reignited a familiar, unproductive debate about which public schools deserve support.

Already, there’s been a push to cast traditional district schools and public charter schools as at odds with one another, and to put forth candidates who will prioritize the interests of districts and teachers’ unions at the expense of charter schools. Biden must reject this false dichotomy. He must live up to his commitment to be a president for all Americans, including all children. And he must make good on his promise to show up for the same communities of color who showed up for him.

Our next Education secretary must be inclusive, someone who embraces public education in all its forms, and who will partner with district and public charter schools alike. This isn’t a zero-sum game: All children deserve support, which means all public schools deserve support, including public charter schools. In a deeply divided time, American students and families need a united front more than ever.

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