KIPP provides school supplies free to students

ByJennifer Seelig

A lot of kids are heading back to the classrooms on Thursday, including some students at Albany City Schools, but some other schools have been back for over a week now. Students at KIPP Albany Community Charter Schools are already a week into the new school year. Administrators are giving the students what they need to succeed.

“Everybody is back, everyone is ready to go back to school and get back into it so we want to make sure they have everything they need,” said Allaine Woodard, KIPP Parent Community Engagement Coordinator.

KIPP Capital Region is the largest charter school upstate with seven schools in Albany and Troy. All KIPP schools provided school supplies including backpacks and uniforms to their students free of charge. Students were able to pick up supplies before school started.

Supplying the materials is something KIPP has been doing since they opened in 2005, but in recent covid school years and with the rate of inflation, the need is greater. “It takes the burden off you as a parent financially and not having to worry about having a certain amount of money saved for school supplies and stuff,” said KIPP parent Marqueyh Chandler.

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