East Nashville teen aims to start food drive to help needy Metro Schools students and their families

ByNatalie Neysa Alund

A charter school student is making efforts to start a food drive based on leftover lunches at his school to help needy students and their families.

In a considerate and lengthy post on Facebook, KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School junior Shawn Gregory reached out to East Nashville residents and asked for their feedback about his plan.

“I’m really hoping I can start a change with my school community!” the teen posted online Wednesday.

Gregory, who said he sent newly sworn in Mayor John Cooper a letter asking him for help with his idea, wrote that he watches leftover food at his school get tossed out and personally knows students who are from low-income families that would be grateful to have it.

“Since the people’s money from taxes pay for schools to run I think in order to stop the wastefulness of the extra food we should give it out in a food drive so people know they aren’t alone and Metro Schools are there to help families in need of extra assistance due to their financial circumstances,” Gregory wrote in his post.

Members of the Facebook page quickly applauded Gregory’s efforts.

“I love this idea ❤️ also who ever raised you should be very proud of the thoughtful sweet heart young man that you are,” Brittany Boone responded. “I hope you have lots of luck with this in hope they hear you out.”

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