What to Expect

Unparalleled Professional Development

Continuous learning is essential to KIPP’s success and we believe there is always room to learn, grow, and improve at each stage of your career. That’s why we prioritize and invest in professional development for all of our staff, from on-going coaching and school-wide trainings, to national conferences and retreats.

Professional Development at KIPP

Teammates United by One Goal

We don’t just help get our students to college; we support them all the way through graduation day and beyond. And with 255 schools and 26 years in education, we learn from our peers and share what we know to reach even more students and expand the impact of our work.

Stories from KIPP Teammates

Work that Makes a Difference

No matter your role, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with families, community members, and KIPP students and alumni who are deeply committed to their communities. Many KIPP teachers also feel the impact of their work when teaching the siblings of former students or when students return to teach alongside them.

Measuring Our Results