School Leadership Fellowships

KIPP prepares leaders to found and lead high-performing KIPP Schools through the prestigious and highly competitive Fisher and Miles Family Fellowships. Scroll down to learn more about the selection process for the fellowships.

Fisher Fellowship

Year-long preparation to found and lead a new KIPP school

The Fisher Fellowship is a highly-selective, one-year, cohort-based leadership program that prepares educators to found, lead, and grow a new high-performing KIPP school. Through in-person programming, residencies in current KIPP schools where fellows shadow a high-performing school leader, and the development of a robust school design plan, each Fisher Fellow emerges from the experience prepared to open a new KIPP school.

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Miles Family Fellowship

Year-long job placement, coaching, and development for aspiring school leaders

Designed to foster the skills needed to lead a KIPP school, the Miles Family Fellowship supports the development of assistant principals that are next in line to lead a school. Miles Family Fellows receive formal training through weekend workshops and engage in rich cohort-based experiences that support their development during the programming year and beyond.

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Fellowship Selection Process

The Fisher Fellowship and Miles Family Fellowship selection process is an opportunity for us to learn more about you as a leader, including your strengths and areas for growth – both of which will be developed throughout the fellowship experience.

Our selection process includes the following steps:

  1. Application: As the first step in the process, your application is an introduction to your experience and leadership. We ask for your resume, two essays, a data set which demonstrates the results you have achieved with your students, and your professional biography (learn more specifics below).
  2. Phone Interview: After reviewing your application, selected candidates will be invited to participate in a 30 – 45-minute phone interview with the region to which you are applying.
  3. Initial Interview: Candidates who advance to this step will be invited to complete an in-person or virtual interview with the region to which you are applying.
  4. Recommendation Letters and Reference Checks: We will ask three references to complete a recommendation form on your behalf. We may additionally conduct reference checks with these individuals.
  5. Final Selection Event: Candidates invited to a Final Selection Event will be interviewed by a committee of leaders from across the KIPP network. This is an in-person, 1-2 day event.

Each KIPP region individually administers the first four steps in the process, so individual candidate experience may vary slightly from region to region.

Throughout the selection process, candidates will be evaluated on the KIPP Leading for Learning Actions and the KIPP Leadership Framework and Competencies.

Fellowship Opportunities and Selection Dates

Applications for 2019-20 fellowships will open in September 2018. Please check back at that time to learn which regions are accepting fellowship applications and their application deadlines.

Application Components

  • Applicants will need to provide three professional references in their application. For each reference, applicants should prepare the name, title, organization, relationship to the applicant, email, and phone number. We recommend these three references include a current supervisor, a peer, and an individual you manage.

    The region with which you are interviewing will contact your references and request they complete a recommendation form after either your phone interview or initial interview. If you have questions or concerns about your references being contacted, please contact your regional recruiter directly.

  • Successful applicants to the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowship have demonstrated their commitment to their students and can clearly communicate their results. In the application, you will be required to upload a PDF or Word document that demonstrates the results you have achieved with students, either through teaching or instructional leadership. In your submission, please include results for at least two academic years and indicate the years. You may include up to three years of data. For years in which you held an instructional leadership position, please submit school-wide data and data from the subjects/grade levels you managed. For years in which you were a teacher, please submit data from your students.

    Your submission should include the following four components:

    1. The name of your school and the position you held.
    2. General demographic information about your school, including total student enrollment, percentage that qualified for free or reduced-price lunch, and the percentage with underrepresented minority backgrounds.
    3. The assessments you used with your students.
    4. Comparative results that demonstrate your students’ achievements in relation to your school, district, city and state. If you don’t have comparative results, briefly explain why.

    We strongly encourage you to include charts or graphs that demonstrate your results.

  • In the application, you will be required to submit responses to two essay questions. Please limit your responses to 500 words each.

    1. In the student performance data you submitted, what were the key takeaways (e.g. the story the data is telling us)? To what would you attribute these results? Provide details, examples and concrete evidence for your interpretation.
    2. Describe a time in your most recent three years as a teacher or instructional leader when you set a goal with your students or teachers and struggled to meet it. What ultimately happened, and what do you think contributed to your success or failure?
  • In the application, you will be required to submit a professional biography which will be used in the selection process. Please ensure that your professional biography is approximately 150-200 words and is written in the third-person. Your professional biography should include the following information about yourself:

    1. A brief description of your professional experiences (teaching experience and leadership experience).
    2. Description of your education (degrees held and universities attended).

    See examples of current Fisher Fellow biographies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We encourage applicants to carefully select the regions to which they apply, selecting a few regions in which you are most interested instead of all available regions.

    Candidates interested in multiple regions should select each region’s application from the job board before clicking “apply to selected jobs”. When you submit your fellowship application for one region, your application will be submitted to all regions which you have added to your job cart. To check which regions are in your job cart, visit the “job application status” tab in your KIPP Careers account.

    After receiving your application, each KIPP region will individually administer the first four steps in the process (application review, phone interview, initial interview, and recommendation letter and reference checks). In the event a candidate is invited to the Final Selection Event by multiple regions, they are only required to attend a single Final Selection Event.

  • Candidates must have:

    • At least three years of teaching experience with demonstrated exemplary student achievement results
    • Experience working in a school in which >50% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.
    • At least one year of experience in school-wide leadership, such as an assistant principal or dean.
  • There are four potential outcomes for applicants:

    • You may not receive an offer
    • You may be invited to teach or lead in a different position at a KIPP school
    • You may receive a Miles Family Fellowship offer
    • You may receive a Fisher Fellowship offer
  • Each KIPP region’s growth plan differs – some regions are not looking for Fisher or Miles Family Fellows in 2018-19, and so no fellowship application is posted. If you are interested in other opportunities within those regions, we recommend you visit the KIPP Careers job board for current openings.

  • Our Selection process evaluates candidates for both the Miles Family Fellowship and the Fisher Fellowship. While candidates may apply to the Miles Family Fellowship only, we do not consider candidates for the Fisher Fellowship only.

  • Each fellow is employed by their region. Your offer of employment will come from your region and will include salary and benefits.

  • You should submit the assessment that most accurately and thoroughly demonstrates the academic outcomes achieved of the students of the teachers you coached.

  • If you don’t have state test results, please send the in-class assessments you used to measure student academic progress (e.g. MAP or Terra Nova).

  • You don’t need to share your students’ names or individual scores. You can share aggregate results at the classroom or school level.

Apply to the Fisher and Miles Family Fellowship

The fellowship application is now open. Click on the individual links above or visit our job board to search for Fisher and Miles Family Fellowship opportunities.