Layla Amador

KIPP Texas Public Schools- San Antonio

Layla Olivia Amador graduated from KIPP University Preparatory High School. Layla identifies as non-binary, of Latinx descent, and incredibly passionate about Chicano and LGBT+ rights. Layla intends to pursue a bachelor’s in business administration at Trinity University. With only 1% of CEOs being women of color Layla is passionate about fostering a community within the business world where she can contribute to increasing the number of women CEOs in the field. Although Layla does not identify as a woman, she understands she is perceived as one and is determined to break that glass ceiling. Outside of making in impacting the world of business, Layla’s hobbies include visual arts, DIY Projects, and printmaking. Her career goal is to one day start her own business where she will be able to share beautiful art with her community.

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