Jose Ortuno Jr.


Jose Ortuno Jr. is a senior graduating from the University of Houston, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy. His goal is to enroll in law school and earn a JD to specialize in corporate law. Jose hopes to become a familiar face for the Hispanic community as he wishes to become a political leader who advocates on their behalf for reforms in policies around immigration and education. He currently serves as an office assistant in the University of Houston’s English Department. In this role, he assists his fellow students by making sure the classrooms they attend lectures in are maintained to standard. During his time at Houston Community College, he held the role of financial aid peer mentor, where he helped his peers in completing their FAFSA applications. He has also previously served in leadership roles in student government as a secretary in SGA and as a senator on the United Student Council. In his spare time, Jose, a conversationalist, loves connecting with his friends and trying new foods from various cultures in the city of Houston.