Jala Birtha

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools

Jala Birtha is headed to Purdue University and hopes to major in aerospace/aeronautical engineering. A member since her freshman year, she currently is the president of the National Beta Club. She also serves as the vice president of the National Math Honor Society and the National Social Studies Honor Society. Jala’s extracurricular participation doesn’t end there, as she is an active member of the Math Competition Team, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, Spanish Club, and Chess Club. In addition to her extracurricular activities, she still manages to tutor her peers to help them recover credits and pass AP Courses/Exams.

A quote Jala lives by day-to-day comes from Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” This quote motivates Jala to never do anything half-heartedly, no matter the gravity of the situation. Aspiring to major in aerospace/aeronautical engineering and become an aerospace engineer in the astronautical industry, there’s no doubt that Jala’s determination will take her further than she can possibly imagine.

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