Brittany Creary

KIPP Somos Collegiate, San Antonio, TX

In her classroom, Ms. Cleary brings science to life through real-world experiences. Since she came to KIPP Somos two years ago, her students have consistently scored above the KIPP network average in mastery of physics. Ms. Creary leads with equity at the center, by incorporating students’ voices in dress code decisions and being the faculty advisor for the school’s first Black Student Union. When her students visited her alma mater, Texas A&M University – San Antonio, Ms. Creary worked with her sorority chapter to create a scavenger hunt so that students could experience the campus more deeply.

“Brittany Creary is a phenomenal educator whose study and experience with the art and the science of teaching has led to a flourishing classroom with strong results and critical partnerships with families and community stakeholders to create a community that surrounds her students and works together for their big dreams,” says Jeremy Gray, KIPP Somos Collegiate High School Principal.