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KIPP Washington Heights Middle School

21 Jumel Place
New York, NY 10032
Type of school: Middle School
Grades served: 5 through 7. Another grade will be added next year.
Year founded: 2012
2013 Report Card School Results

Mr. Danny Swersky, Founding Principal
School phone: 212-991-2620

Regional Organization: KIPP NYC

At KIPP Washington Heights, we want everyone -- our teachers, students and families -- to do something or learn something today that they couldn’t do or didn’t know yesterday. Through college-focused literacy instruction, access to technology, individualized programs, and character instruction, we support a community of scholars who are helping to build a transformational school. We believe that academic and character growth is a shared journey where we face challenges and celebrate our successes with grit, optimism, and love.

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