KIPP Central City Primary

2625 Thalia Street
New Orleans, LA 70113
Type of school: Elementary School
Grades served: K4
Year founded: 2008
Mr. Korbin Johnson, School Leader
School phone: 504-373-6290
School fax: 504-302-9737
School email:
Regional Organization: KIPP New Orleans Schools

KIPP Central City Primary builds the academic, social, emotional and spiritual foundations our students will need to pursue higher education, create their best selves, and have the POWER to transform their world.

A community of the most caring and committed teachers in New Orleans will transform the lives of our students by ensuring that they are developing the habits that they will need to be successful in college and beyond. By committing to Central City New Orleans, we are building a positive future for the children of our city.

KIPP Central City Primary's student and adult culture make us a joyous place to be. We care about one another and support each other through the struggles of this work. Our strength lies in one another.

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