Teaching opportunities exist at KIPP!

What is it like to each at KIPP? KIPP prioritizes and invests in unparalleled professional development, so you can improve your craft and grow at every stage of your career. With access to resources and support from colleagues across the nation, you’re never alone.

In the classroom, your creativity is encouraged and embraced. Deliver rigorous academic instruction and character development in a way that excites your students and meets their unique needs. We believe every student will learn if given the opportunity.

It’s more than a job. We’re here to work hard. Be nice. And, never stop learning. Teaching at KIPP is like nothing else.

KIPP Bay Area Sounding Out Letters

  • My principal said, "Create an engineering program. I believe in you." Years later, my kids are passionate about inventing. I feel lucky.

    Kyle Kenan, Teacher, KIPP Houston
  • A student's brain is like a sponge, and it is our duty as teachers to imprint a positive tattoo on that brain of: joy, curiosity, grit, and love.

    Jerald Wolff, Teacher, KIPP Philadelphia
  • My students are the definition of resilience. Their hunger for a quality education motivates me daily to be a better teacher.

    Robert Manuel, AP World History Teacher, KIPP New Orleans

New Teacher Programs

KIPP teaching fellowships and residencies provide aspiring teachers with the professional development, mentorship, and classroom experience they need before leading a classroom of their own.

Program details vary by location, but the goal is the same: increase the pool of highly-effective teachers applying for lead teaching positions in public schools across the country.

Ideal candidates come with varying levels of experience, from novice teachers, to career changers, to recent college graduates.

Fellowship and residency programs exist in select KIPP regions. Click on the location below to learn more about these opportunities:

Meet KIPP Teachers

KIPP Teacher Alexis Ivey
Alexis Ivey

Instead of entering juveniles into the criminal justice system, I’m trying to keep them out.

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KIPP Teacher Charles King
Alum and Teacher
Charles King

As teachers, we have the unique opportunity to help our kids understand that they are in charge of their identity.

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KIPP Teacher Julian Saavedra
Julian Saavedra

We have to show our kids that we are in their corner. And we have to show them how ridiculously important education is.

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Teacher Applicant Resources

KIPP NYC Teacher

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At KIPP, you never stop learning. You’re part of a national network that’s leading the way in getting students to and through college, and your work makes an impact in the community every day.

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