Teaching opportunities exist at KIPP!

What is it like to each at KIPP? KIPP prioritizes and invests in unparalleled professional development, so you can improve your craft and grow at every stage of your career. With access to resources and support from colleagues across the nation, you’re never alone.

In the classroom, your creativity is encouraged and embraced. Deliver rigorous academic instruction and character development in a way that excites your students and meets their unique needs. We believe every student will learn if given the opportunity.

It’s more than a job. We’re here to work hard. Be nice. And, never stop learning. Teaching at KIPP is like nothing else.

KIPP Bay Area Sounding Out Letters

  • A student's brain is like a sponge, and it is our duty as teachers to imprint a positive tattoo on that brain of: joy, curiosity, grit, and love.

    Jerald Wolff, Teacher, KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools
  • My students are the definition of resilience. Their hunger for a quality education motivates me daily to be a better teacher.

    Robert Manuel, AP World History Teacher, KIPP New Orleans
  • To this day, I still get butterflies whenever I teach because I know how important a child's education is.

    Laura Reyes, Alumna and Teacher, KIPP NYC

New Teacher Programs

KIPP teaching fellowships and residencies provide aspiring teachers with the professional development, mentorship, and classroom experience they need before leading a classroom of their own.

Program details vary by location, but the goal is the same: increase the pool of highly-effective teachers applying for lead teaching positions in public schools across the country.

Ideal candidates come with varying levels of experience, from novice teachers, to career changers, to recent college graduates.

Fellowship and residency programs exist in select KIPP regions. Click on the location below to learn more about these opportunities:

Meet KIPP Teachers

Teacher Applicant Resources

  • To apply for a teaching role at KIPP, visit our job board; from here you can apply to any available opportunities in the KIPP network.

    Your first step will be to create a profile, then you can apply for any role listed. You can apply to multiple regions at once, and you can save an in-progress application to return to it later.

    After you submit your application online, the remainder of the application process will be handled by the individual KIPP region(s) to which you applied. If you have any questions about your application status or next steps in the hiring process, please contact the KIPP region directly.

    All KIPP schools require legal authorization to work in the United States in order to apply for a teaching position at a KIPP school, and you can contact the KIPP region you are interested in to find out if they will sponsor a work visa.

  • To help you prepare to submit your application, please note that we ask the following short answer questions to lead teacher and teaching fellow applicants:

    Lead Teacher application short answer:

    • Why do you want to work at KIPP? What is your experience with and interest in working with students from historically underserved communities?

    Teaching Fellowship application essays:

    • What interests you in becoming a teacher at KIPP?  Please briefly describe why you want to teach at KIPP and why you are interested in teaching the subject area you chose above.
    • What do you think causes students to fall behind academically? Given what you say the causes are, what factors help them succeed?
  • If you have trouble submitting your application, please try these troubleshooting tips:

    • Use up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer as your browser; do not use Safari.
    • Do not apply from a tablet or mobile device.  While our job board is mobile-friendly, the application is not fully functional on tablets (e.g. iPads) and phones.
    • Submit attachments as PDF files.
    • Answer ALL required questions.If a question does not apply to you, select “N/a” or “Opt Out”.
    • Look for a confirmation message. When you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming that your application was submitted. If you do not see this email, log back into KIPP Careers to confirm that it was submitted.

    If you have other technical questions about your application, email helpdesk@kipp.org and include a detailed description of your issue.  Screen shots are always helpful!

KIPP NYC Teacher

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At KIPP, you never stop learning. You’re part of a national network that’s leading the way in getting students to and through college, and your work makes an impact in the community every day.

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