KIPP Families on the Hill

At Charter Family Hill Day, parents urged Congress to prioritize the well-being of their kids - and all kids.

Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson, KIPP Miami Public Schools parent, talks about why public charter school funding matters.

Bertha Garcia

"Creo que como padres, nuestro primer deseo es que nuestros hijos sean personas exitosas. que sean mejores que nosotros, que hagan las cosas mejor que nosotros.”

Isabel Ocampo

"Sabía que mi hija merecía una escuela que la nutrara y la ayudara a aprender más de lo que estaba aprendiendo."

Cassandra Rhea

“The teachers at KIPP were worried about the entire person, not just the student.”

Justin Parmann

“At KIPP, I know that they truly care about my kid.”

Nicole Franklin

“For anyone that would come to KIPP, they should soon see that it’s like a family environment.”

Jessica Allen

“I love seeing that there are people of color that are teaching people of color.”

Barbara Quintero

Our children need teachers who care. Teachers who are going to push them.

Annette Strickland

I was able to make a difference because they were there to give me a chance to make that difference.