Webb Family Foundation Creates Life-Changing Scholarship

With over 40 years of experience as a leader in the tech industry, Maynard Webb is eager to share his advice and encouragement with the next generation of entrepreneurs and changemakers.

Having previously served as Chair and CEO of LiveOps, Chairman of the Board of Yahoo!, and the COO of eBay, and as a current board member for Salesforce and Visa—people from all over the world seek his advice. And now, through the Webb Family Foundation’s partnership with KIPP Public Schools, six KIPP seniors will have him in their corner.

“One thing I want to do with the rest of my life is to make sure that regardless of circumstance, there is opportunity for anyone who wants to chase their dreams and work hard to achieve them—even if it’s against the odds. Don’t limit yourself. Fighting for something that seems beyond what was expected of you doesn’t make you an imposter—it makes you a breakout.” – Maynard Webb

The Webb Family Foundation, co-founded by Maynard and Irene Webb, has been investing in education and improving student outcomes since 2004. The Foundation works to ensure that all young people, regardless of neighborhood or circumstances, receive the opportunities and support needed to succeed in school and in life.

The Webb Scholars Program will be awarded annually to six KIPP seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, a commitment to community impact and financial need. The program will ultimately support 24 scholars through 2030, with a cohort of six scholars added annually. Scholars will be provided with the resources, tools and mentorship they need to become changemakers, including an annual stipend of $15,000, for a total of $60,000 to defray the costs of attending college. Additionally, Webb Scholars will be paired with a mentor to provide career guidance. Each scholar will also have the opportunity to connect with Maynard and Irene Webb during a professional development weekend in July before heading off to college.

The program is another extension of the Webb’s mission to pay it forward and help others achieve their dreams. Consistently seeking opportunities to mentor young entrepreneurs, Maynard Webb founded Webb Investment Network, a seed investment firm dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs in 2010. Hoping to reach and inspire a wider audience, Webb authored two bestselling books, including Dear Founder: Letters of Advice for Anyone Who Leads, Manages, or Wants to Start a Business. He continues to extend this wisdom in his weekly newsletter of the same name.

Rodrigo López, Webb Scholar

Rodrigo López, Webb Scholar

The Webb Family Foundation was deeply involved in the scholar selection process and is proud to welcome and help guide the six scholars that make up the 2023 inaugural cohort. One of those scholars, Rodrigo López, hopes to leverage the opportunities afforded through the Webb Scholars Program to serve others.

Rodrigo, who came to the United States when he was 13 years old, aspires to become a nurse and has a passion for medical research. He is looking forward to attending the University of California, Berkeley in the fall and majoring in chemistry.

“This contribution will make my vision, dreams and the impact I want to have truly possible. I’m truly grateful.” – Rodrigo López

We are so grateful to the Webb Family Foundation for investing in KIPP students and supporting their dreams.

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