Nailah Brown

Nailah Brown is a member of the Class of 2011 at KIPP TEAM Academy in Newark, New Jersey. After commencing from KIPP TEAM, Nailah attended a private high school in Montclair, NJ prior to moving to Georgia. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, Nailah found her way back to KIPP NJ, now serving as the manager of special projects & events (development) for KIPP New Jersey and Miami. Nailah oversees event work, volunteer and engagement opportunities, and database management. Before joining the development team, Nailah was a part of KIPP New Jersey’s enrollment team where she managed logistics for school-based open houses and outreach to maximize enrollment. Nailah also serves as the chair of the KIPP Newark Alumni Network. Nailah is an avid supporter of the KIPP Forward team and has volunteered at almost every school throughout KIPP NJ/KIPP Miami.

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