Fabiana Meléndez Ruiz

Fabiana is a Venezuelan-American communications expert and strategic storyteller. She grew up with her mother repeating one daily mantra “cada cabeza es un mundo,” which roughly translates to “everyone’s head is their own world.” As a result, Fabiana has always been interested in why people think the way they do.

Fabiana uses her industry expertise and passion to educate clients on marketing and public relations processes to develop in-depth strategies and brand awareness beyond the traditional. She loves immersing herself in the world of her clients, from James Beard Award winning restaurants, to well-known tech companies, non-fiction authors, and everything in between. Some of the most notable include a former communications professional and cancer survivor turned DEI&B expert and author, a former forensic interrogator-turned executive coach and a tween animal-advocate and CEO. She is an expert in micromedia, an occasional event planner, an influencer master and so much more.

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