Leanne Hernandez

As the Chief Financial Officer, Leanne leads all finance functions for the Foundation and provides financial support to KIPP regions.

Leanne comes to KIPP after ten years of service with the second largest charter network in the country, IDEA Public Schools, where she was most recently their Chief Financial Officer. In that role, Leanne developed nation-leading expertise in the opportunities and challenges associated with aligning financial resources among national offices, regional offices, and schools. During her time at IDEA, Leanne helped IDEA grow by issuing $1 billion in financing to support new campuses and managing $2 billion in assets across the network.

Leanne began her career at the U.S. Census Bureau outside of Washington, D.C. and also worked at the Legislative Budget Board in Austin, TX. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and has a master’s degree in applied economics from John’s Hopkins University. Leanne enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and trying new restaurants. She lives in Austin with her husband and extended family.

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