Eric Remlinger

I’ve learned so much from my students. They are, ultimately, always the best teachers.

Shakoor Woodson

My students are my driving force in this work, and I hope for them, I’m a daily reminder of what it looks like to use your voice and create change any way you know how.

Jessica Cunningham Akoto

That process -- of searching, of exploring, of finding the right educational fit -- left an impact that still affects me to this day. I learned how powerful really good parents were.

Thelma Reed

We started with two buses and two routes. So now we have 19 routes, 29 buses.

Nikki Barnes

Everyday I pursue learning as if my life depends on it, because it does.

Pete Gooden

She was just so happy. And she shot out of line, gave me a huge hug, and ran back on stage to receive her diploma. I just wrote her a recommendation, actually. She started graduate school this past January.

Michael Horne

My mom and I used to walk 2.4 miles every Saturday to get to and from our library.

Deborah Riley

I just wanted to be a part of what my son was a part of. And I stayed because it felt like family.