Adriana Rodriguez and Liliana Alarid

Adriana and Liliana’s journey underscores the importance of nurturing talent and fostering an environment where both educators and students reach their full potential.

Marisa Tersy

At the end of the day, my vision is for students to experience really deep joy in our schools.

Eric Remlinger

I’ve learned so much from my students. They are, ultimately, always the best teachers.

Shakoor Woodson

My students are my driving force in this work, and I hope for them, I’m a daily reminder of what it looks like to use your voice and create change any way you know how.

Jessica Cunningham Akoto

That process -- of searching, of exploring, of finding the right educational fit -- left an impact that still affects me to this day. I learned how powerful really good parents were.

Thelma Reed

We started with two buses and two routes. So now we have 19 routes, 29 buses.

Nikki Barnes

Everyday I pursue learning as if my life depends on it, because it does.

Pete Gooden

She was just so happy. And she shot out of line, gave me a huge hug, and ran back on stage to receive her diploma. I just wrote her a recommendation, actually. She started graduate school this past January.

Michael Horne

My mom and I used to walk 2.4 miles every Saturday to get to and from our library.