Quadir Hunter

KIPP alum Quadir Hunter

Quadir’s senior year in 2020 didn’t end the way he expected. He was headed to Temple University, but when his family suffered fiscal hardships during the pandemic, he was unable to afford the balance of his tuition after scholarships, grants, and loans.

KIPP New Jersey College Success Counselor Evetha F. Arlea-Francois spent a lot of time with Quadir, drafting a financial aid appeal and researching alternate loan options. In the end, together they decided the best option was for Quadir to transfer to an in-state school, Montclair State University; this would decrease his out-of-pocket costs, particularly if campuses didn’t re-open.

Ms. Arlea-Francois supported Quadir with the application process, secured a fee waiver, connected with point people on campus, and helped him start to build new relationships at school. “I was really late to actually start the transfer process so I had to do everything within two weeks and she made sure I was enrolled in time for the first day of classes,” says Quadir.

Having easier access to friends and family, knowing other students who were also attending Montclair, and being able to live in the dorms has allowed Quadir to settle in and enjoy college life. “What I am most thankful for throughout this process is how determined Ms. Arlea-Francois was in making sure that I was set up as best as I possibly could be in order for me to be successful,” says Quadir.

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