Justin Parmann

“At KIPP, I know that they truly care about my kid.”

Nicole Franklin

“For anyone that would come to KIPP, they should soon see that it’s like a family environment.”

Jessica Allen

“I love seeing that there are people of color that are teaching people of color.”

Cassandra Rhea

“The teachers at KIPP were worried about the entire person, not just the student.”

Michael McGee

Of course we have high expectations for our students, but we also have high expectations for our adults.

Jessica Cunningham

That process -- of searching, of exploring, of finding the right educational fit -- left an impact that still affects me to this day. I learned how powerful really good parents were.

Toni O’Sullivan

It’s our job to see in our students their potential and help them unlock it. And I think that as a leader it’s my responsibility to also see potential in my staff.

Stephanie Beltrán

If you love kids and you're passionate about education, you thrive at a place like KIPP.

Lexi Lee-Johnson

My mom has instilled in me a deep belief that participation is the key to building community – that we must be there for each other and love each other in order to better not only ourselves, but the world we live in.

Rashaand Sass

I am in this work for kids, first and foremost. What we are trying to do doesn’t work unless we have their trust.