KIPP Austin school helping students, teachers achieve goals

ByClaire Ricke

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The Executive Director of the local charter school KIPP Austin, Steven Epstein, joined us in the KXAN studio to give you a preview of what to expect this school year.

KIPP Austin works to help students from educationally underserved communities go to and through college.

“At KIPP Austin, we believe that it is critically important for our students to have an effective teacher in all of their classes, year after year,” said Epstein. “We, therefore, want to create a workplace that recognizes and rewards teachers, and gives them the opportunity to stay in the classroom and build up world-class skills.”

Launched in the 2015-2016 school year the Teacher Career Pathway program gives teachers the opportunity to advance through several career stages, earning increased compensation and other rewards at each level. Teachers set their own agenda and managers help them achieve their classroom goals with personalized support and development.