KIPP spreads cheer to kids facing hardships

ByLarry Seward

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At KIPP 3-D Academy, desire, discipline and dedication form more than the school’s motto. It reflects feelings shared around campus every December.

Santa surprised Fernando, Gerardo and Krista Acosta with gifts in the library Monday afternoon. They got Legos, clothes, books, gift cards and other things from their wish lists. All are things their mom can’t buy.

“She’s not there and I want to ask her questions and I want to see her response and ask her about her experiences in life and stuff, but I can’t,” Krista Acosta said. “It’s just hard when she passed away because my mom was my mom. She was my world.”

Bertha Acosta was a single mother to four children. Cancer took her life last December. Supporters raised money to ease financial strain on the family. Still, like 200 other KIPP students in the Houston area, the Acosta children needed some extra holiday cheer.

“We have friends of KIPP throughout the city and all over who do whatever it is they can to ensure that many of our kids who have dealt with experiences like this or who have needs that extend beyond their means get that love and support,” said Alison Cumbley, KIPP 3-D Academy’s school leader.

If you ask the Acosta children, they are getting that and more.