Wyman Khuu

KIPP Infinity, New York, NY

Mr. Khuu led the charge at KIPP Infinity to introduce coding as part of the science curriculum and has inspired hundreds of students to see themselves as future scientists. Year after year, Mr. Khuu has increased the percentage of students who master science standards in the New York State Assessment, from 84% in 2016-2017 to 94% in the 2018-2019 school year. His content knowledge of the Amplify Science curriculum is extensive, and he has shared this knowledge by talking to KIPP teachers all over the country. When the pandemic hit, Mr. Khuu assisted in designing a Google page to communicate with families and staff so every student could have access to the information they needed. He brought volleyball to every school in the NYC region, set up field trips for students to Google and even invited celebrities to be guest speakers in class.

“What he is able to do is the classroom is truly magical. Every single day students run to his room, asking and wondering what is Mr. Khuu going to bring in next? What else are they going to get to try? He has inspired our students to ask questions and to see themselves as scientists,” says Eric Cato, Principal In Residence at KIPP Infinity.