Stephanie Ortiz

UnidosUS: Education

Stephanie Ortiz is a Latina DREAMer majoring in political science at the University of California, Riverside. Her career goals are to become a district representative and advocate for the development of resources and opportunities for undocumented and low-income individuals in education. Coming from a low-income community and immigrant background, she noticed the challenges people in her community faced and became involved in leadership organizations that helped develop her advocacy skills. She was a delegate in California’s Model Legislation and Court Program, where she was able to campaign for leadership positions and learn diverse cultures through bill writing. She was also a Lundquist fellow and was selected to advocate for a more accessible federal financial aid process to state and district representatives in Washington D.C. While navigating college as a first-generation student in a pandemic has been challenging, she continues to pursue opportunities that will enhance her experience in policymaking and advocacy.