Shelby Powers

KIPP East End High School | Houston, TX

Ms. Powers’ leadership and teaching style have received perfect marks from her co-workers and a nearly perfect score from her students. Her math students began the year struggling but ended the year with the highest Algebra 1 state score of any KIPP Texas school, thanks to her tutelage. Outside the classroom, Ms. Powers sponsors the Woods Projects, a program that teaches students survival skills both in life and in the woods, such as starting a fire, putting up a tent, fishing techniques, and overall survival techniques. Last year, Houston experienced a severe winter storm that caused millions to lose power, but despite not having power herself, she was the first teacher to check in with the rest of the team and respond to any of her students’ needs. One particular student’s family was out of food, and without hesitation, she delivered them food and provided the necessary resources to survive the terrible winter storm. The constant evidence of Ms. Powers’ selflessness and love for our students is just incredible and heartfelt.

“Ms. Powers builds strong relationships with students and families, and can connect with them in an especially poignant way. She’s a constant source of support to KIPPsters.” —Olvin Carias, KIPP Texas Public Schools – Houston School Leader