Shamara Moore

KIPP KC Legacy High School | Kansas City, MO

Ms. Moore is a multifaceted educator dedicating her energy to student excellence and social justice at KIPP KC Legacy High School. During the 2017-2018 school year, Ms. Moore co-taught 5th-grade science. More than half of her students landed in the top two quartiles. Last year, she taught a dual-credit course called “What’s Race Got to Do With It?” in collaboration with the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Ms. Moore is best known for building excellent relationships with students and families, faculty, and staff. Last spring, every night at 8pm she would come back to school and pick up a student and drop her off at home to help her family who had to work so she could be part of the Track and Field team. After doing virtual instruction over Zoom, she rode the school buses several times a week, passing out meals to KIPP families. These are some of a million examples of how Ms. Moore shows up for her students.

“Ms. Moore is deeply committed to achieving results with her students, both in achievement and continual growth. She expects her students to grow as scholars and people, and for herself to grow as an educator as well.” —Josh Swartzlander, KIPP KC Legacy High School Leader