Savoy Adams

KIPP Baltimore Alum

Savoy Adams Jr. is a first-generation college student and a current senior at Loyola University Maryland, majoring in Sociology with minors in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. At Loyola, he has established himself as a persistent agitator to the administration, challenging them on racial and social justice issues at every turn. Savoy was recently honored as a member of Loyola’s Green and Grey Society, a recognition bestowed upon graduating seniors who demonstrate academic excellence and committed service to the Loyola community. He co-founded an organization on campus called “Addressing the System” with a mission to spark necessary conversations on racial injustice and issues that oppress underserved communities. Savoy is particularly interested in public policy and public health issues such as mass incarceration, juvenile delinquency, and education. Savoy’s ultimate goal is to be a part of the conversation to establish new policies that reform and address these issues.